New Adventures in Timelapse

Inspired by some fantastic timelapse photography such as The City Limits and those on I started to do some research on the subject. After some initial trials using my S95 with the CHDK firmware, I decided to get a dedicated camera for timelapse which I wouldn’t mind modifying if needed. I picked up a secondhand S3 IS on eBay and coupled it with a cheap tripod I had lying around. The idea was to have an inexpensive rig which could be left unattended. I took it along with me to the TDC Ireland Beginners Autotest on Sunday.

This video is made up of over 1400 photos, the camera was set up to shoot every 2 seconds (Shutter Priority 1/320s). This footage covers about a 50 minute period from when I initially set up the camera, right up until the moment the wind blew the tripod over! The camera survived its fall and once I pushed the case back together it was working perfectly again.

This was my first proper timelapse and there were a couple of things I’ve learned and will try out next time. Firstly add weight to the tripod to keep it stable, I got away with it this time, next time I might not be so lucky. Secondly I think the video is too long with the camera in a single position, it gets a bit boring. The reason I did it this time was simply because I was actually competing in the event and didn’t have time to go moving the camera. Next time I’m at an event like this I’ll make multiple shorter videos, changing the viewpoint for each video and then edit them together to create a more interesting video of the event.

Click here to view the HD version on Vimeo site.

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