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Garryvoe Timelapse

I tried my hand again at creating a timelapse over the weekend. This clip covers 20 minutes in real time, one shot being taken every 5 seconds, the camera was set to Manual. Shutter speed was set 1/30s in order to get the clouds to flow naturally. The max aperture on the Canon S3 is just F8 and as it was a very bright day I needed to use a neutral density filter to allow for the slow shutter speed.

I didn’t do much to the images in post, just a little increase in vibrance and blacks and then change to a 16:9 format crop.

Looking at the final clip, I could do with trying to get rid of the flicker which happens due to the changing light conditions, it’s something I will have to research for next time.

Click here to view the HD version on Vimeo site.

Also posted in 2012