Donate To Charity In Lieu Of Payment

Producing the images you see on this site involves a lot more work than simply pointing a camera at things and pressing the shutter button. After shooting, the photos take effort to sort and rate in order to pick the best from all those taken and then further hours of editing to make the images look as good as I can make them.

I’m in the fortunate position that photography is my hobby rather than my livelihood so I don’t need to make money from the photos I take, I would however like to put them to good use and see if I can use them to generate some money for charity. With this in mind, I’m asking anyone who would like copies of my photos to make a charity donation in lieu of payment.

For any individuals or clubs who wish to use my photos for personal or non-commercial purposes, please contact me ( and let me know:
– Which photo(s) which you would like to use
– The intended use for the photo(s) i.e. Personal print, Posting on social media, Posting on club website or promotion of an event

I will then let you know the how to make your donation, your support is greatly appreciated.



PLEASE NOTE that all photographs purchased (both prints and electronic images) are for personal use only. They may not be used for any commercial gain whatsoever without the express written permission of James Mansfield. The copyright of all photographs, including purchased prints, proofs and images displayed on this website, remains with James Mansfield. Purchasing of photographs does not entitle the purchaser to any reproduction rights whatsoever. Photographs must not be used in any printed or digital media (including websites) without the expressed written permission of James Mansfield. Photographs used without permission will be subject to a breach of copyright charge.